Game of Thrones final episodes review

This is your spoiler warning. Stop reading if you haven’t seen the final two episodes of season 8.

So that it’s. Game of Thrones is actually over. What are we going to do with our lives now? Because I’m unable to move on, lets take a moment to talk about episodes 5 and 6 because, honestly, we deserved better.

The Bells gave us the turn to Mad Queen that wasn’t really well established in her backstory. Wasn’t Dany’s whole agenda protecting and saving the innocent? Especially women and children. This whole turn to the dark side and burn down the city thing just doesn’t sit well with that, like, at all. Plus, there’s no way Cersie would have stuck around once she knew she lost. If she stayed true to her character she would have been out of there the minute she heard the news, not ringing the bell to surrender. Of all the prophecies, the build up, the fan theories; she’s killed by rubble… I have no words for how truly disappointing that was.

And lets not forget to mention the miraculous, yet momentary return of Jamie’s actual hand

Bonus: The people’s inability to believe Jamie was actually dead was astounding. The lack of bodies under the ruble reminded me of Ned Stark’s death and the lack of belief that he was truly dead either, because ‘we never saw a body’. Which always leads to some ridiculous theories. However, all the theories were crushed in the following episode when Tyrion confirmed both Cersie’s and Jamie’s deaths by uncovering them.

We finally got the Cleganebowl though, which ended in the only possible outcome, their mutual deaths. Despite all Arya’s assassin training and bravado in going with the Hound to Kings Landing, she doesn’t actually kill anyone. It almost feels like she killed the Night King and that’s the end of her story, she doesn’t do anything anymore. But, I still liked her journey in the episode, and I swear I would have rioted if anything happened to her. But seriously, what was the point of the horse? Did the writers forget Nymeria was a direwolf? Was she meant to be the angel of death, even though she doesn’t kill anyone? It just keeps making less and less sense.

(At the time of writing) The Bells‘ 6.4 is doing better than The Last of the Starks‘ 5.8. While the finale proves to be the lowest rated episode on IMDB in GoT history, with The Iron Throne receiving a measly 4.5, a tragic ending for such a well loved show. Before airing, the final episode allegedly had an rating of 2! Truly a “bittersweet” ending as George R.R. Martin is fond of saying.

Fans expected so much from this season, and we we’re drastically let down by the final episode. The writers seemingly forgot about the horse from the last episode which seemed like it had to mean something. Grey Worm proves that they have just given up and accepted teleportation, because how else would he have gotten to Dany before Jon? How else did all the lords of Westeros get to the worlds DUMBEST council meeting so quickly? Like seriously, after that meeting, Westeros is screwed. I give it two generations before it all starts falling apart. and lets not forget to mention that Starbucks has now opened a store in Kings Landing as well…

Bran Stark being crowned the king despite his constant claims he can’t be a lord also seems kinda odd. He is the literal embodiment of the group member who puts no work into a project and still gets an A+. “Why do you think I came all this way?” He sees the past not the future, this dialogue makes no sense. Actually, all the dialogue in this episode felt awkward and forced. But the long drawn out moments of silence felt almost unbearable, and I found myself impatient for something to actually happen.

Making Sansa the Queen in the North was quite possibly the only logical decision made in this episode. I understand why Arya wanted to go west and it wasn’t the worst ending for her character, but it didn’t feel right that all the Starks were split up. After all, their father taught them “the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives”. With two of her siblings sitting on thrones, wouldn’t Arya feel compelled to protect them? On that note, Brienne should also be in the North with Sansa, as protecting her has basically been her only mission.

Jon leaving with the wildlings also left me with many questions. Why were the Free Folk still in Castle Black? Why do they still need a Nights Watch? What happened to the massive hole in the wall? Wasn’t it all destroyed? Did the men of the watch really not care if he left? Wasn’t that meant to be grounds for punishment of death? But Ghost finally got the pet he deserved.

The Iron Throne was an inadequate ending to a show we’ve all been following for years. They could have developed all these plot points further and grounded them in something substantial had they done an extra season or at least a couple more episodes. It’s not like it wasn’t an option.

What do we say to the final season of Game of Thrones?

Not today.


Game of Thrones Season 8 review so far

Warning: this post will contain spoilers.

Season 8, so far has been a let down for fans all across the world, and they’ve had 2 years to get it right! While the first two episodes were understandably reunion and closure episodes 3 and 4 have been lackluster at best. Bonus: episode 4 has been their lowest ranked episode yet.

Episode 3 was strife with unrealistic battle plans that were also just absolutely ridiculous and destined for failure (cavalry first? really?) Although, that hardly matters when you can’t even see whats happening anyway. But maybe it was better when we couldn’t see, because at least then we wouldn’t see the coffee cups that somehow every single person working on production missed…

Image result for coffee cup got

Episode 2 provided closure for many main character arcs and we’d all prepared ourselves for the massacre of all our favourites (in true George R.R. Martin fashion). But come episode 3 there was an unexpected and uncharacteristically high survival rate, that almost didn’t seem right given the nature of the show.

Then, in episode 4 there we’re just so many continuity errors. I’m not even going to start on how they’ve ruined character arcs (Jamie), defied logic (Cersie is still pregnant?) Also they’ve clearly disregarded everything Martin has established so far.

One dragon in recorded history has been brought down from the air by a projectile, and it was a one in a million shot. A mature dragon in the air is virtually invulnerable

George R.R. Martin

Whether you’re team Arya killing the Night King, or team ‘what about the prophecy?’ There’s just too many issues with this season that can’t be ignored. With only a couple episodes left, I don’t know how they’ll manage to redeem themselves.

GoT x Urban Decay?

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So as a Game of Thrones fan and a make up addict, I was ecstatic when I heard this collection was being released. Unfortunately, I live in Australia, so whenever anything good arrives, it always comes late and there’s not a lot of it.

In case you don’t know, Urban Decay is sold only in an Australian (and New Zealand) store, Mecca. Now I looked on Mecca’s website, all their social media, and every email sent by them and I found no information about the release date anywhere. I found one Reddit thread and one online article that said a date however, the reliability was questionable at best.

I went into 3 different stores asking for details and no-one could give me anything concrete either.

Come May 2nd 9 am, I check online. ALL SOLD OUT. When did it even go on sale?

Yup, that’s right, I missed out! And I was devastated.

As a level 3 member (the highest level), I was so disappointed with the service and the lack of information I was provided with. There will be no more releases of the products in Australia either. So if you missed out, that’s it.